Little time and only one or a couple of visuals available.
You recall such a situation don’t you?

Creating an attractive title page for you presentation doesn’t have to be neither complex nor expensive. Even with one single image you made yourself or found right free on the internet, there are plenty of options.

This video shows you 5 different ways to create a title page with only one visual and a piece of text. I explain very practically, step by step how to do create a title page for you presentation.

Check out in the video which approach is most useful and attractive for your upcoming presentation.

Do you want to know more about designing slides like a designer?

After this free program, the response of your audience on your webinar, meeting, workshop, lecture, training (video’s), won’t be the same!

8 Facets of Brilliant Digital Presentations

Create slides more effectively!


I help leaders implement empathic and visual communication strategies so that they communicate what really matters, and what they create, is meaningful and life serving.

My clients hire me to design infographics & visual summaries, illustrations and visual tools.

My participants join the online and live communication programs in my Online Training Platform

My programs help to increase impact by communicating both empathically and visually. 

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