Increase the efficacy of your Empathic or Nonviolent Communication training program.

Expand your trainer skills with visual empathy.

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My shortest definition of visual empathy is
“a visually attuned expression or response, expressed with the intention to deepen our understanding and create connection.”

How can you visually attune to your audience?



Increase the relevance and efficacy of your training programs with visual empathy skills

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To create A visualization

Visually empower the communication strategies in and of your organization

Do you get across WHAT MATTERS?

Visual empathic communication & facilitation helps everyone involved see and understand the MEANING, IMPACT AND POSSIBILITIES

Once people feel heard, seen, included and connected, unexpected pathways open to move forward together and catalyse and navigate change, resolve or avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. 

“Our visual voice matters because the visual empathy we can express with it, increases the efficacy of empathic communication training and helps us understand the audience we create that training program for.”

Valuing Empathy

I believe we experience more harmony in our communication and have more synergy in collaborations when we get on the same page with ease. Empathic communication is incredibly powerful in creating connection. It helps us establish and maintain trust in our relationships and learning experiences. That’s why I care to support anyone who is passionate about contributing to a more empathic world or offers empathic communication training.

Visual Voice, Expression & Inclusion

The element that is frequently missing in our communication, is the expression of our visual voice. Most people who could have taught us in the past how to express ourselves visually, didn’t have the skills themselves. The systemic construct of many parts of our society uses communication and educational approaches that in general don’t stimulate empathy and visual expression in our communication and/or are hardly visually inclusive in learning environments.

Visual Empathy

My years of experience in the field of visual communication as a design department leader stimulated me to learn and integrate empathy in my work. For the past ten years I have been intensively trained in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and NVC based mediation and conflict coaching. In my Visual Empathy Courses I bring these two fields together because I experience how much empathy helps us understand the audience we create that training for and how visual expression increases the efficacy of empathic communication training. This increases both the relevance as the impact of your empathic communication training.

To articulate the essential skill participants develop through my courses, I came up with the term ‘Visual Empathy’. I define it as ‘the visually attuned expression of our understanding, expressed with the intention to create connection with ourselves and others’.

Visual Empowerment

Because I am certain that everyone can develop skills to be visually empathic, I’d like to make it really easy for you to get started in visually expressing yourself. I hope after working with me or after attending a visual empathy course you feel visually empowered to express your visual voice more often, because it matters to me that you and everyone else in this world feels seen and understood. I like for all of us to experience peace and harmony in ourselves and with others. Does that matter to you too?

Who is your visual empathy trainer?


Visual Empathy Trainer and Coach ◉ NVC based Conflict Coach & Mediator ◉ Graphic Recorder, Illustrator, Designer

I help organizations and trainers to be visually attuned to their audience and offer visual expressions of understanding, with the intention to create connection.

Organizations hire me to visually empower their communication strategies.

Trainers and coaches join my visual empathy courses to increase the relevance and efficacy of their Empathic or Nonviolent Communication training programs.


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