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visual summary

A visual communication tool that helps address complex and systemic issues.


Presenting the bigger picture together with essential details, helps everyone involved to become more aware of different perspectives, the impact, meaning and possibilities. This increases the chances for moving forward together.

Mireille van Bremen


  • Visual summaries help process the harvest of dialogues by structuring, selecting, finding connections, meaning and possibilities. They help different parties involved, see and empathize with the different points of view & perspectives. And also help choose relevant content among various resources and elements. 

  • Visual summaries work as an overview & navigation for programs with multiple resources, processes or stages.
  • Presenting with a visual summary comes across more convincing as it shows the speaker is prepared and provides clarity and transparency.

  • A visual summary is a practical way of distributing information and links to other resources, and the appealing look invites into reading referred text rich documents.

  • Where before multiple graphic recorders needed to be contracted, now only one visual translator is needed. This saves time, resources and eases up the communication.
  • The final creations are in one graphic style and are thought through from the start to the end in terms of applications and publications.


  • Summary of evaluations and reflections on actions taken
  • Presenting perspectives and impact of different stakeholders involved
  • Presenting current versus future perspective(s)
  • Presenting workflow, models, concepts and processes
  • Presenting resources, suggestions & possibilities
  • Stimulating memory retention and integration
  • Stimulating engagement, interaction & connection
  • Stimulating decision making, follow up & accountability
  • Stimulating understanding & bigger picture thinking
  • Stimulating creativity, play & dialogue


  • Re-occurring training programs and workshops

  • Defense of (master) thesis

  • Mediation, lawsuits and prosecution
  • Research documents
  • Books and documentaries
  • (Online) summits and events
  • (Online) workshops and conferences

“I make the invisible and unspoken visible, to provide a clarity words only can not convey.”

Mireille van Bremen



Overview & invitation to multiple, text dense research reports

150+ page document visually translated into A3 publications

Youth policy evaluation – introduced to understand the impact, quality and management of youth policies.

Study on social inclusion, digitalisation and young people.

Study on the political participation of young people in the European Union


Defense of master thesis

Visual representing the current situation and the possible situation helping the committee all understand the same vision through the same visual metaphor


Full overview of a training program

3-day training program translated into multi page pdf document, presenting models, processes and practice templates, supporting integration, learning and practicing



Overview of resource topics

Clickable links in pdf document, offering texts and links to the different topics the reader wants to dive into


To have IMPACT, you need to know the HIGHER PURPOSE, select the right INPUT and collaborate with a COMPETENT PARTNER who creates the publications which serve that higher purpose.

Mireille van Bremen


Note-taker themself

• Defined by note-taker
• Anything the note-taker chooses to harvest
• Ready right away

• personal use
• summary of what was said/shown
• may include personal notes & thoughts
• learning
• memory retention, etc

Visual note-taker competencies
• Visual language skills
• Technical visual skills
• Capacity to listen with presence
• Capacity to listen and harvest with specific purpose



Client of the graphic recorder

• Brief is defined on purpose and further applications of use
• Brief is defined by client or in collaboration with the graphic recorder who is capable of consulting
• Ready for photography within 1-2 hours

• mostly serves participants
• serves a specific audience
• summary of what was said/shown
• NO personal notes & thoughts or clearly identified as such
• memory retention
• reflection of what was brought up in the moment

Graphic recorder competencies

• Capacity to listen & select objectively
• Capacity to let go of own learning objectives, interpretations
• Ability to consulting on purpose and applications
• Photo/video post-production skills

visual summary

Client of the visual translator

• Brief is defined on purpose and further applications of use
• Brief is defined by client or in collaboration with the visual translator who is capable of consulting
• Sketchnotes / Graphic recording are input for the visual summary
• Ready within 3-14 days

• can serve participants
• can serve multiple external audiences
• may include pieces of what was said/shown
• NO personal notes & thoughts or clearly identified as such
• memory retention
• visual summary is a bridge between what was brought up and what new may unfold from there
• navigation tool
• decision making tool
• stimulates practicing action 

Visual translator competencies

• Capacity to deeply empathize with all stakeholders involved
• Capacity to process and translate the harvest into a structure, subtract and find meaning, possibilities, open loops, impact
• Capacity to oversee the topic as a whole
• Capacity to translate the graphic recording work that serves a new purpose and provides new insights
• Capacity to recognize systemic power
• Capacity to advocate for social equity and justice
• Graphic design skills to create the relevant documents & publications


My approach emerged from over twenty years of experience as an art director, graphic recorder, visual facilitator, communication trainer and coach.

Mireille van Bremen


Visual Empathy Trainer and Coach ◉ NVC based Conflict Coach & Mediator ◉ Graphic Recorder, Illustrator, Designer

I help organizations and trainers to be visually attuned to their audience and offer visual expressions of understanding, with the intention to create connection.

Organizations hire me to visually empower their communication strategies.

Trainers and coaches join my visual empathy courses to increase the relevance and efficacy of their Empathic or Nonviolent Communication training programs.

what do you raise awareness for?

… for the creation of a visual summary that increases the impact of your communication.

client experiencE

Daniëlle Riemersma

“Before I started using Mireille’s graphic recording service, I had a hard time translating my offer into a visual image. I wasn’t sure if I delivered enough results in my webinar and after seeing the images of Mireille, I felt in every fiber of me, that my webinar was super valuable. After that I used the images in my marketing, which made it much easier for me to receive sign ups for my webinar.

I recommend Mireille, because she makes a very professional visual report of the webinar. The content of the webinar is clear at a glance and the results are made visual. The material is also of a very high level and you can use directly in your marketing. Mireille is also a very nice personality to work with. Besides she also advises you how to apply the content created and comes with surprising approaches and possibilities.

I can definitely say this helped me to easier get more clients and that it is an important part of the development of my company’s to make my materials visual as well. Now everything comes together and I can communicate much better and convince people of my message.”

François Beausoleil
trainer, coach, musician

”All through the process of working with Mireille on several projects I have been impressed and delighted by what she brought in terms of skills at the level of content, very high reliability, ease of working together, creativity and empathic presence.

Veronique Prins

I am known as a ‘chatterbox’; I talk fast, I talk a lot, and am passionate about sharing as much knowledge as possible. Because it is ‘lots’ and ‘fast’, not everyone can keep up. I like visualising my examples too, but they remain mere words, and are never as powerful as images.

Therefore Mireille made a graphic recording of a 4-day summit that I organized. After every hour of training, Mireille published its visual representation.

This way, two things happened. Now participants could see in addition to hearing my words, suddenly some extra pennies dropped; often making them understand even better what the training had been about. Because Mireille made it visual, participants could not only understand the training better, they also remembered more.

It made an already powerful training even more valuable for my participants, during but also after our meeting.

Nina Gorjup
director of corporate communication

Mireille is not only a great expert in visual communication, but is also excellent in transferring her knowledge to the participants of her workshops. The special value of her workshop Clear & Impactful Flipchart Presentations is is that one gets a lot of useful tips as well as learns the basic principles of visual communication that are helpful not only in preparing flipcharts but also other elements such as powerpoint presentations, advertisements, posters, etc. It is amazing to see how, by following her tips, a flipchart comes to life in a completely different way.

4-day Kick A** Business Coaching Challenge, online

VIENNA +25, 2018 – World Conference on ‘Human Rights’ in Vienna, Austria

ReSPA Annual Conference 2017 – ‘Innovation in Public Administration’ in Budva, Montenegro


In which languages do you do this kind of work?
  • Dutch: native proficiency
  • English: full proficiency
  • Slovene: sufficient proficiency
  • German: basic proficiency
  • Other languages: basic documents Dutch, English or Slovene, following documents from translations into other languages.

Do you work internationally?

Absolutely! And I work fully online.

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