How as a facilitator
to communicate with
visual thinkers?

(Online) meetings, workshops & programs, overstimulate the auditory senses.

What happens now is …

  • Online facilitation provides less non-verbal clues to read, so I feel less connected with my participants.
  • The increasing amount of online meetings, programs, workshops and practice groups is demanding from participants to process large amounts of information.
  • Online participants feel overwhelmed because their auditory senses are overstimulated.
  • Webinars and online presentation files contain too much text.

The interest is quickly reduced & visual thinkers might not return.

When your existential needs depend on how well your programs fill up, I am sure you love to see people return and possibly recommend your courses.

That means you’ve got to make sure participants have a chance to take your message. For that, you need to make sure you are understood. The easiest way to make that happen is by understanding how your audience learns, processes and integrates.

If you choose to account the innate learning style of your participants, they can not only fully take in what you want to get across, they will also value your content higher and maybe even tell others about how much they enjoy being facilitated by you.

This mini-course …

  • Helps you understand the STRUGGLES OF VISUAL THINKERS and visual learners.

  • Shows you the KEYS TO CONNECT with them.


The mini-course includes an assessment for you to understand if you are a visual-spacial learner themselves. This helps give a sense of how much of a gap you have/need to cover with your audience. Gaining understanding of this also increases your awareness for different approaches to learning/collaborating/participating.


Increase the impact of your communication.

Close the communication gap with visual thinkers and learners …

As a result, you can …

  • be more inclusive to visual thinkers

  • adapt your facilitation style to stimulate engagement

  • implement useful facilitation tools

  • see new possibilities the way you use language




VAT 0% for company registrations
VAT exemption for private registrations

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