Do you see, hear and capture what truly matters?

Visually facilitating conversations, processes and conflict resolutions opens unexpected pathways for catalysing potential, prevent conflict, navigate change processes and stimulate inclusion.

Do you recognize this?

  • The promotions of your webinar, (online) summit, seminar or conference,
    don’t lead to the amount of participants you like to see attending?
  • During the event half of the people are busy doing other things?
  • People lose track of what the (fast) speakers talk about?
  • You receive complaints about the sessions being to auditory?
  • The enthusiasm and empowerment of the event last only for a couple of days?
  • Your photo’s and video’s of the event are a nice memory but have no other value?

How would it be if instead …

  • You can increase your visibility before the event?
  • The valuable content your speakers deliver is captured in one overview, to satisfaction of all, but especially the visual thinking audience (60%!).
  • People have a chance to review what they heard and understood, or missed out on – so they belief your event was a valuable investment of their resources?
  • People speak during the breaks and after the session about the richness and importance of the topics?
  • You show every voice in the room matters by giving an opportunity to add something valuable, even when they were not a key note speaker?
  • You help people transfer their new knowledge and experience into daily life and at the work place?
  • You offer participants an opportunity to reconnect with you and the topic after the event?
  • You can create momentum leading to increase of follow actions or after sales opportunities?

That is possible when you hire me as a graphic recorder to

increase the value of your event because I …


    • provide a visual overview
    • visualize the process
    • provide the bigger picture
    • reduce complexity to what truly matters
    • show relations and directions
    • organize ideas & topics
  • connect the dots
  • capture the wisdom of the participants
  • enable development and accountability
  • create lots of promotional material
  • help you create traction to follow up actions or after sales
  • create momentum

In this way you stimulate

  • memory retention
  • engagement, interaction and connection
  • opportunities
  • understanding and bigger picture thinking
  • creativity and dialogue
  • inclusion and transparency

I make the invisible visible in your seminar, strategic meeting, or conference, to provide meaning words only can not convey.

Circular Change Conference • Maribor • Slovenia

Kick A** Business Coaching Challenge Veronique Prins • online

Youth Work Impacts Europe • Ljubljana • Slovenia

Future of Law • Amsterdam • The Netherlands

Vienna +25 • Human Rights World Conference • Vienna • Austria

My name is Mireille van Bremen and I work internationally as a visual catalyst. Everything I do as a graphic recorder, visual mediator, facilitator, visual skills trainer and coach, stems from an intention to invigorate creativity and empathy in order to catalyse potential, prevent conflict,
navigate change and stimulate inclusion and learning.

After a career as a design department leader I nowadays work internationally as a visual catalyst to increase the impact of presentations, workshops, strategic meetings and conferences by providing visual translation and by teaching others how to communicate and facilitate visually.

The training programs I design and offer as live as in the online Visual Skills Training academy I founded, help trainers, facilitators, coaches, educators and leaders from all over the world to become resourceful and self-reliant in their communication so they can facilitate impactful dialogues.

what clients say

François Beausoleil

Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, Coach and Musician, Canada

”All through the process of working with Mireille on several projects I have been impressed and delighted by what she brought in terms of skills at the level of content, very high reliability, ease of working together, creativity and empathic presence.”

Your investment

The investment depends on the exact request and needs, the purpose of the graphic recorder
and recording, the setting, the location and the duration of the event.
We can inquire and brainstorm together during a conversation. Please contact me!

Maybe you’ve already seen Graphic Recorders creating value at conferences?

VIENNA +25, 2018 – World Conference on ‘Human Rights’
in Vienna, Austria


ReSPA Annual Conference 2017 – ‘Innovation in Public Administration’
in Budva, Montenegro


Graphic Recording helps create momentum long after the event.

It also stimulates engagement and provides materials to share for communication and marketing purposes.


When to start engaging a graphic recorder?
Contacting a graphic recorder can be done in almost any phase, though last minute contracts may not be as efficient because a graphic recorder needs preparation time as well. Reading into the conference topic, watching TEDx Talks or video’s, developing visual vocabulary specific to the topic and ordering markers, paper and other necessary material, are all part of a professional approach to give maximum results. Also, I might be booked at an other event or am facilitating a training at the date of your event. There is also time needed to explore together in what ways the graphic recording is done or the harvest created. Sometimes this requires contracting videographers or other professionals. The sooner you contact a graphic recorder, the larger satisfaction and results on both ends.
Why hire a graphic recorder?
Visual translation keeps your people engaged and creates momentum. Your participants, your team members or visitors will easily recall your event, what they heard and what they learned, because they now have a visual in their head AND in their hands. With an overly crowded world of information and data streams, people feel overwhelmed and have less focus during meetings, presentations and seminars. Visuals of stories, info graphics, processes and abstract concepts, help people stay engaged and process information in a way that include both hemispheres of the brain.

  • Inclusion of auditory, kinesthetic and visual learners.
  • Research shows that over 80% of people are visual thinkers and over 60% of adults are visual learner.
  • Consideration for different learning speeds and abilities.
  • Stimulates better focus, memory and insights because both hemispheres of the brain are included.
  • Capturing a thousand words in one picture.

What is the difference between a visual facilitator or graphic recorder?
VISUAL FACILITATOR A visual facilitator is a person who creates and uses visual aids but also has the skills to moderate and run sessions, exercises, discussions and work groups where knowledge is shared by and extracted from the participants themselves. What a facilitator does is plan, guide and manage a group event to ensure that the group’s objectives are effectively met, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from everyone involved.   GRAPHIC RECORDER Capturing people’s ideas and expressions into visuals, words and color is what a graphic recorder does. It requires deep listening skills and a strong empathic presence. Graphic recording often takes place in the present moment during meetings, seminars, training and conferences.
Which materials can be created?
  • A live Graphic Recording to capture the process, content, important words, key messages, visions, goals, action steps, etc.
  • Harvesting of specific tasks given to your audience.
  • Video, images, screensavers, etc. from the graphic materials for your audience.
  • Develop anything for your audience to continue the learning, stay engaged or inspired.
  • Promotional material for your marketing and on social media.
  • Content for the (mandatory) reports your sponsor is requesting or requiring.Content SaveSav

In which languages do you do this kind of work?
  • Dutch: as single and co-graphic recorder
  • English: as single and co-graphic recorder
  • Slovene: as single and co-graphic recorder

Do you work internationally?
Absolutely! Contact me to discuss where your training, meeting, conference or anything else takes place and how you can get me there.

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