Clear & Impactful Flipchart Presentations


for designing your flipcharts & presentations

You want others to fully understand what you mean?

What happens now in your communication is …

You …

  • you think ‘I can not draw’?
  • can’t get down to paper what you see so clearly in your head and mean to express?
  • are not sure your audience understands what you mean?
  • easily get side tracked when you speak?
  • notice that information gets lost?
  • feel helpless about supporting the visual learners and thinkers in the room?
  • have less impact with your presentations than you wish?
  • do create flipcharts but have limited visual vocabulary?

Your participants …

  • request you to repeat the instructions?
  • say they understand but do not quite anticipate?
  • do not engage as much as you wish?
  • ask you to explain something again?
  • are doing other things?

What you would like is …

… to present with striking clarity.

But also to …

• feel confident in front of a group
• be understood by many people
share a common understanding
• serve as many people as possible
have attractive training material
• show what you see in your head

And …

… have more impact.

Not being understood & not having the impact
you envision, easily leads to …

decrease of

• joy
• satisfaction
• participants
• impact

increase of

• frustration
• stress
• misunderstandings
• conflicts

All of that is a consequence of …

• NOT expressing yourself visually,

• NOT using visual training aids to bridge the communication gap,

and thus RISKING to loose the visual learners (60%) in your group.

Visual communication builds a bridge for you!

What you need is to

1 • Learn a simple visual language to express what’s in your head.

2 • Start to create & implement visual training aids in your training business.

3 • Adapt your facilitation & communication style to include visual learning types.

In this one day live training:

‘Clear & Impactful Flipchart Presentations

you learn to increase your impact in & outside the training room
by presenting visually with flipcharts



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Barbara Fortuna

Trainer & Coach, Ljubljana, Slovenia

As a result of using flipcharts …

You …

• come across confident, credible and professional
• build trust with your audience because you are clearly and visibly prepared
can explain comprehensively what you mean
• stay focused on addressing what you intended to
• navigate yourself through your own outline
• stay present and connected with your audience
• keep visual learners included and engaged

Your audience …

•  values your content higher because they easily understand your message
• feels included because you provide flipcharts and so the visual learners in your group now have a chance to integrate the learning effectively and in a very natural way
is more attentive – visuals stimulate both parts of the brain
• feels energized – visuals bring lightness and humor
recalls your message better  visuals the long term memory
• participates more and is longer engaged


Nina Gorjup

Director of Corporate Communicate in TPV Group, Novo mesto, Slovenia

Mireille is not only a great expert in visual communication, but is also excellent in transferring her knowledge to the participants of her workshops.

The special value of her workshop Clear & Impactful Flipchart Presentations is is that one gets a lot of useful tips as well as learns the basic principles of visual communication that are helpful not only in preparing flipcharts but also other elements such as powerpoint presentations, advertisements, posters, etc. It is amazing to see how, by following her tips, a flipchart comes to life in a completely different way.

In this Live Training you …

Learn and practice
speaking visually

Develop and increase your
visual vocabulary

Learn a step-by-step approach to structure your own flipcharts

Practice creating your own clear and powerful flipcharts

Receive feedback on your work

Learn to communicate with and include visual learners and visual thinkers

My name is Mireille van Bremen and I work internationally as a visual catalyst. Everything I do as a graphic recorder, visual mediator, facilitator, visual skills trainer and coach, stems from an intention to invigorate creativity and empathy in order to catalyse potential, prevent conflict, navigate change and stimulate inclusion and learning.

After a career as a design department leader I nowadays work internationally as a visual catalyst to increase the impact of presentations, workshops, strategic meetings and conferences by providing visual translation and by teaching others how to communicate and facilitate visually.

The training programs I design and offer as live as in the online Visual Skills Training academy I founded, help trainers, facilitators, coaches, educators and leaders from all over the world to become resourceful and self-reliant in their communication so they can facilitate impactful dialogues.

This live training

‘Clear & Impactful Flipchart Presentations’

takes place on December 4, 2019 and includes …Save

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1 day live training in Novo mesto, Slovenia • December 4, 2019 • from 09:00-16:30

Sign up for €147,- instead of €197,-

VAT free for private registrations / VAT 0% for business registrations


Klavdija Novak

Trainer & Coach, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Your audience will be surprised
with your newly learned skill,

and happy that they can easily follow and understand you!


Sign up for €147,- instead of €197,-

VAT free for private registrations / VAT 0% for business registrations


This live training

‘Clear & Impactful Flipchart Presentations’

takes place on December 4, 2019, in Novo mesto.


a participant


Mireille encourages and inspires – gently guiding and adding her own suggestions, shows how all of us can convey information in a clear visually impactful way.”

Cancellation and Refunds
  • If I cancel the program, your investment will be returned in full.
  • If you cancel any time before the program starts, you can transfer your fund to the next possible date or any other of my programs. Your funds will be tracked as credits.
  • It is possible to change participant names free of charge until 24 hours before the training starts.
  • No refunds for payments made as per the payment due dates.
  • No refunds available when you cancel, if you do not show up, or if you stop before the end of the training program.
What is the spoken language in this program?

The workshop is held in English and so are the training materials. If only Slovenians show up, the program will be facilitated in Slovene.

Drawing... I have no talent. Is that a problem?


Perfect! Particularly if you do not know how to draw, join us. You will see and experience that you do not need any specific skill level and that no talent is needed to learn about visual language and facilitation.

My question is not listed. Can I contact you?
Sure! Send us your question(s) by email on or and provide us your phone number so we can choose in what way we can best respond to you.

Come join us on December 4, 2019 in Novo mesto, Slovenia!


Kathleen de Laet

Nonviolent Communication Practitioner, Belgium

“I am always attracted to workshop in which visuals are used. Through them and their beauty, the learning process is stimulated and makes the content easier to remember for the audience. It is a pleasure to me to be able now, to effectively use this aspect in my own workshops. I feel very happy and grateful that Mireille specifically chooses to visually support NVC workshops and simultaneously increases the impact by training visual facilitation skills to trainers.”

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